ALS welcomes Ceroplast to the group!

Ceroplast, founded in 1965 by Alan George, is laboratory specialising in dental products which traditionally involved wax modeling. Ceroplast is short for Ceroplastic which means modelled in wax. Alan started this as a denture laboratory, it then expanded into include gold and porcelain work. Alan’s son, Andy joined the Ceroplast in 1984 after working in a private dental laboratory in London. With his addition, he introduced orthodontics, chrome, and implant work.

Ceroplast is known for crafting CR (Centric Relation) appliances, with the training from the renowned occlusion specialist Dr Roy Higson.

Andy says,

‘I am most proud of is my employees! As my motto is Together Everyone Achieves More, so being part of ALS group allows Ceroplast to work with a larger group of likeminded technicians and labs that all have the same aims in common.’

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