Dentuvo – a digital denture, perfectly designed

Dentuvo Digital Dentures are an innovative denture product from the ALS Dental Group which utilises digital technology and covers all your patient’s needs from a single tooth partial to a full/full denture.

With Dentuvo dentists can now provide their patients with more comfortable, customised and secure prosthetics that look and feel like natural teeth. Whether you use a scanner or traditional impressions Dentuvo Digital Dentures will be a fantastic solution for your practice.

Ready-to-fit denture in just 2 appointments

Traditional dentures require on average five patient appointments, Dentuvo can be ready to wear in as few as just two visits.

This is more efficient for the dentist and makes digital dentures more accessible for the patient. Patients who were deterred by the long, traditional denture process will love this new faster, more convenient option.

Exceptional Accuracy

Improved accuracy for better comfort and fit

Digital dentures are designed by our skilled technicians using Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology.  This  provides greater accuracy leading to better comfort and fit for your patients. Greater accuracy leads to a reduction in chairside adjustments and denture follow-up visits, saving valuable time for both dentist and patient.

Go straight to fit with Dentuvo

CAD/CAM processes in 3D printing or milling elevates the final appliance to a new level of precision. The accuracy of this process allows us to produce a finished Dentuvo denture and move straight to fit.  We exactly replicate the scanned surfaces and our quality process keeps everything consistent – an exacting level of precision that analogue dentures cannot achieve.



What are the benefits of Dentuvo?

Why move to a digital workflow?

Adopting a digital workflow gives the ability to change to a patient’s smile easily. Since the setup is done on the computer using denture design software, changes can be done without the technician having to reset the teeth in wax. Dentists can review the smile on computer and remotely with our lab to make any changes, fine tuning the smile to get the most natural aesthetics possible.

Increase your profits

The impact on profit by using Dentuvo Digital Dentures and digital methods in your practice is extremely positive. Reducing chair time allows you to improve profit per case as well increase your patient numbers as accessibility grows.

Dentuvo Options

We understand that patients have different needs, expectations and price sensitivities so we have developed four levels bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


Utilises a basic tooth library, good quality resin equivalent to traditional high impact resin. Available in 4 shades.


Highly characterised tooth library & good quality resin equivalent to traditional high impact resin. Available in 8 shades.


Highly characterised tooth library, contouring and stippling as per surgeons’ requirements, Tooth staining and gum customisation to create a natural look. Good quality resin equivalent to traditional high impact resin. Available in 8 shades.


An extensively customised, milled monolithic denture which has a life-like appearance and highly aesthetic tooth design. Includes gum contouring, tooth staining and composite addition. Utilises advanced, multi-layered PMMA for superior aesthetics.


Watch other Dentuvo videos here 

A Greener Option

Dentuvo Digital Denture is not only a high-quality solution for a denture, but it’s also a greener option. By using advanced 3D scanning and printing technology, Dentuvo Digital Denture reduces the carbon footprint and the waste generated in traditional denture manufacturing procedures, thereby helping the environment and sustainability.

Dentuvo Life

Offering Dentuvo Life on a
subscription basis could be a
fantastic idea to ensure both
patient satisfaction and a steady
income stream for your practice.

By providing patients with a brandnew
set of Dentuvo dentures every
year as part of a subscription, you
not only guarantee their continued
comfort and functionality but also
demonstrate a commitment to their
oral health and well-being.



Dentuvo Go

Dentuvo Go is our product name
for replacement or an extra set
of Dentuvo Dentures. Accidents
happen, so Dentuvo Go is that
valuable extra set of dentures if
the original are lost or broken. This
gives patients increased comfort
and security that they won’t ever be
without their dentures.

We recommend you encourage
patients to order an extra set at
first appointment. However Dentuvo
Go can be ordered at any time, so
if a patient wants an extra set of
dentures to take on holiday or for a
special occasion, we can produce the
exact same product quickly. Patients
will love Dentuvo Go, as it gives
them the security of knowing they
can get exactly the same fantastic
product, fast, when they need it.

Where can I get Dentuvo from?

Dentuvo is available from all ALS Dental Group Laboratories. Find out more today by contacting our team.


T: 0191 823 7990