Bristol Crown

The Bristol Crown Company is a dedicated lab-to-lab milling and 3D printing centre. It provides innovative and industry-leading dental products throughout the UK.


Established in 1986, The Bristol Crown Company has a solid reputation for providing quality products at fair prices, with exceptional service and support.

Led by Nicki Lees, the laboratory is formed by an amazing team of experienced and talented Dental and CadCam Technicians and Administrators who design and manufacture an extensive range of quality products from the milling/3D printing centre in Bristol.  Bristol Crown has a wealth of experience in CadCam, they are continually researching and testing new materials and products they believe can be of benefit to customers.  Bristol Crown accepts design files from all open scanners and models or intra-oral scan data for them to design.


The Bristol Crown Company | Bristol

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  • 0191 823 7990
  • Registered office address: 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT