Teeth Whitening Kit FAQs

How long should I use the trays for?

How long you use the trays for will depend on your individual requirements. Before you take your kit home, your dentist will have a thorough conversation with you and ensure that you understand exactly how to use your kit and the length of time it’ll take to achieve your shade.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening is long lasting with the right care. In order to maintain your new white smile as long as possible, you should limit food and drink that stain your teeth, such as coffee and red wine, and use a straw when possible. Your lifestyle also makes a difference, such as if you’re a smoker. 

Many people like to top up every year but in some people, results have lasted for as long as 3 years after treatment.

Can I still use RISIO if I have sensitive teeth?

Yes. RISIO was built with sensitive teeth in mind. It was our aim to create a solution that everyone could use, including those with increased sensitivity. RISIO is pH neutral, with no preservatives or stabilisers. However, you should always discuss your sensitivity with your dentist, and they can alter your treatment if needed. 

What happens if my teeth don’t bleach evenly?

If you have spots of varied shades on your teeth, it’s normal to notice an inconsistency in colour at the beginning of your treatment. However, as your teeth get brighter, these should fade and be undetectable by the end of your treatment. 

How will my teeth feel after treatment?

It depends on the person, but generally patients feel their teeth are extremely clean after a whitening treatment. Whitening can actually help improve oral health and hygiene.

Is RISIO treatment safe?

Yes. As RISIO is created for distribution by dental professionals, our formula and method is safe and ensures fantastic results for our patients.


Is RISIO suitable for everyone?

Yes, but it’s always best to have a conversation with your dentist first. Additionally, teeth whitening works best on clean teeth with minimal plaque and tartar; so your dentist might recommend a visit to the hygienist before starting RISIO treatment.

What if I’m unhappy with the results?

We are pleased to provide unlimited whitening gel to all of our patients until they reach B1 white shade. If there is something else you’re unhappy with, please speak to your dentist and we’ll review the issue further.

Will whitening damage my teeth?

No, in fact, it’s the opposite. Bleaching treatment was initially developed to improve gum health by minimising irritation. Therefore, you might find your overall oral health improves with teeth whitening treatment. You also reduce the risk of any damage to tooth enamel, gums, and root damage.

Does it work on veneers?

No. Tooth whitening treatments don’t work on any restorative treatments, such as veneers, crowns, implants or dentures. Remember that if you have white fillings, they may no longer match your tooth colour after whitening.

What makes RISIO a luxury teeth whitening option?

Whether you are a dentist looking for the best product for your patient or a patient looking for the best available products on the market, RISIO prides itself on being a luxury treatment for teeth whitening.  

Unlike some NHS treatments, everything from the high-quality packaging and presentation and to the quality of the treatment materials will leave you smiling.

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