Maintain your smile with our state-of-the-art RISIO removable retainer

RISIO retainer is a new cutting edge solution for teeth retention following braces or aligner treatment. RISIO provides you with an easy and comfortable way to maintain fantastic results after teeth straightening program has finished.

Durable, comfortable and virtually invisible, RISIO retainers will ensure that your teeth stay perfectly straight long after your straightening treatment is complete.

Your dentist will give you personalised treatment plan for when and for how long your should wear your retainers.  However unlike traditional fixed retainers, RISIO can be removed and replaced giving you more flexibility in your usage program.

The custom-built retainers are specifically engineered for your mouth with our leading orthodontic laboratories designing them to be  comfortable and easy to wear.

What is a retainer and why is it important to wear one?

Even if you’ve completed a braces or teeth alignment treatment you’ll find that without intervention your teeth will steadily start moving back to their original placement or simply become misaligned again.

This is why your dentist will provide you with a retainer. A retainer keeps your teeth in place preserving the fantastic results you’ve achieved through your straightening treatment.

Traditionally metal retainers are fixed to the back of the teeth after teeth straightening. However, developing dental technologies have now allowed dentists to offer a range of different options, including our RISIO retainer, which is instead made of plastic and removable.

What are RISIO retainers?

The RISIO retainer system provides cutting-edge post-orthodontic maintenance that minimises disruption to your daily routine while ensuring maximum results.

If you choose RISIO, you’re choosing discreet, strong and entirely custom made retainers that will ensure your teeth stay straight long after your initial treatment. RISIO uses the most sophisticated dental materials on the market to provide you with the ultimate comfort

Patient Retainers FAQs

Where is RISIO manufactured?

RISIO is manufactured by the UK’s leading dental manufacturing group, ALS Dental. The ALS team take the utmost care in designing and manufacturing every retainer.

They use the most advanced equipment on the market to ensure accuracy when producing your individual retainer, as well as the finishing trimming, which provides RISIO’s enhanced comfort levels.

If you are searching for the highest quality retainer on the market then RISIO retainers are for you.

Speak to your dentist today about RISIO Retainers or contact us below to find out more.

Why choose RISIO?

Highest quality, professional grade material

Stain repellent

Resistant to breakage

Virtually invisible


Custom made to fit your mouth

Stylish and useful retainer case


Where can I get RISIO from?

RISIO is available from all ALS Group Laboratories. Find out more today by contacting our team.

T: 0191 823 7990