Burke Ortho

Burke Ortho is ALS Dental’s first laboratory in Ireland. , The lab is based in Limerick and lead by Joseph Burke. It is a great addition to the ALS Ortho Team.

Established in the 1980s, it has grown to become Ireland’s largest specialist Orthodontic Laboratory. With a focus on making clinicians’ jobs easier, the lab ensures high-quality appliances are delivered on time, every time.

The lab boasts a team of experienced technicians, some with over 35 years of expertise, alongside a younger generation fostering a diverse skill set. Evolving from analogy to digital platforms, Burke now offers advanced services like 3D scanning, printing, and laser welding.

Situated in historic premises, Burke Ortho Lab enjoys a reputation for bespoke orthodontic appliances, including Twin Blocks, Retainers, and Laser Sintered Metal Appliances. Its customer base spans private practices and hospitals across Ireland.

Burke sees digital dentistry as the future, having shifted to digital methods over the past decade. With ALS’s support and expertise, they’re well-equipped to attract younger talent, creating a dynamic and fulfilling workplace.

Burke’s motto is our job is to make the clinicians job easy” this is achieved by delivering high quality appliances on time, every time’.