What is a Kiori Crown?

Kiori Crown is an innovative Digital Crown from ALS Dental

  • Using progressive 3D scanning and milling technology
  • Producing the highest quality custom-made crowns
  • Quick and efficient, making it an ideal solution for modern dental care

Benefits of Kiori

What materials is Kiori made of?

The Kiori Crown is made with Zirconia, the perfect solution for a dental crown. This materials allows us to match the gradient between dentine and enamel as found in a natural tooth. This helps to create the natural appearance that patients find difficult to spot amongst their own teeth.


How is Kiori made?

The digital production process for Kiori involves the use of advanced equipment and techniques.

Four Kiori Digital Crown Options

We understand that patients have different needs, expectations and budget so we have developed four Kiori levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum.


Glazed, multi-layered Zirconia – A quality crown suitable for a patient with basic requirements.


Multi-layered Zirconia stained and glazed, matching the shade guide closely. Fissure, cervical, enamel and body stain as necessary. A great mid-tier option to characterise appearance.


Premium, multi-layered Zirconia, with ceramic micro layering – characterised and shade matched. Fissure, cervical, enamel and body characterisation as necessary.


Totally bespoke crown with custom shade matching and ceramic layering as required. Ideal for the more discerning patient looking for the best ceramic most personalised solution available.

Designed and manufactured by ALS Dental

ALS Dental is the largest dental manufacturing group in the UK with the mission to build Europe’s leading, most innovative and technologically advanced dental manufacturing business.

If you choose Kiori you are choosing a product backed by the well-established ALS Dental Group and means that group quality standards are always adhered to. As a leader in the industry, ALS continually strives for excellence in service levels and products.

Where do I purchase Kiori?

Kiori Crown is available from ALS Laboratories around the country. Get in touch or download the brochure.

Download Brochure


Where can I get Kiori from?

Kiori Crown is available from all ALS Group Laboratories. Find out more today by contacting our team.


T: 0191 823 7990