Advanced dental products designed for comfort & convenience

If you are looking for high quality, stunning results engineered for the utmost in comfort and convenience, ALS Dental has engineered the perfect range of products for you, RISIO Ortho.

RISIO clear aligners, retainers and teeth whitening treatments are now available to help patients achieve their dream smiles.

RISIO translates to “laughter” in Latin and that is just what our products aim to inspire; laughter, smiles and a new enhanced feeling of confidence.

Unlike many other off the shelf solutions on the market, each of our RISIO Ortho products is specifically built for use by patients under the care of their dental professional.

Why choose RISIO?

RISIO Ortho products are manufactured with professional-grade materials and ingredients, durable and comfortable, while still providing a luxurious experience and the highest quality results for the patient.

By choosing RISIO you are choosing a safe, effective solution that is produced with cutting edge technology at our world leading laboratories to achieve first class results.

Whether you are a dentist looking for the best product for your patient or a patient looking for the best available solution on the market, RISIO Ortho excels as a luxury treatment for alignment, teeth whitening and post-orthodontic maintenance.

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Ashford Ortho Laboratory is ISO accredited!

RISIO Orthodontic Range is produced at Ashford Orthodontic Laboratory, which is accredited with ISO13485:2016

This attainment represents our focus on using the latest orthodontic innovation for RISIO with high quality and safety guided by the principles of the ISO framework. 

We commit to ensuring every step of the production of RISIO adheres to the highest quality and safety standards. 

Where can I get RISIO from?

RISIO is available from all ALS Group Laboratories. Find out more today by contacting our team.


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