Platinum Dentuvo – our top of the range Denture

Dentuvo Platinum is the ultimate milled denture product which is extensively customised to the patient and dentist’s requirements. We use the highest quality materials together with advanced software and manufacturing processes to create a precision-made denture where teeth and base are milled from one disk in one slick operation. For your patients who want the best, Dentuvo Platinum is the denture of choice.

Digital design at its best

Our monolithic dentures are meticulously designed using advanced digital techniques by our team of exceptionally skilled CAD/CAM technicians. Leveraging the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, these experts ensure precision and customization to provide greater accuracy leading to better comfort and fit for your patients.

Greater accuracy leads to a reduction in chairside adjustments and denture follow-up visits, saving valuable time for both dentist and patient.

Expertly milled in one unit

Once the digital design is perfected, the dentures are fabricated using our state-of-the-art PM7 milling machine. This cutting-edge equipment allows for unparalleled accuracy and smoothness in the milling process, resulting in durable, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable dentures.

Skillfully & delicately finished

Finally, the dentures are finished by one of ALS’s Dental’s most talented Dental Technicians to provide incredible, life-like teeth. Our Technicians treat the platinum denture like a work of art, featuring gum contouring, tooth staining and composite gum addition.

What materials do we use?

The material we use is Ivotion which is exceptionally strong. The Denture is milled in one whole monolithic block which means the base and the teeth are produced together, which increases the layering on the tooth and enhances the aesthetics.

Is Dentuvo Platinum available for partial dentures?

At the moment Platinum is only available for full dentures, however we are working on a solution for partials so these should be available soon.

Why move to a digital workflow?

Adopting a digital workflow gives the ability to change to a patient’s smile easily. Since the setup is done on the computer using denture design software, changes can be done without the technician having to reset the teeth in wax. Dentists can review the smile on computer and remotely with our lab to make any changes, fine tuning the smile to get the most natural aesthetics possible.

How long does it take?

With this workflow, we can deliver dentures within two weeks, as fast as the 3D printed version. This allows the patient to enjoy the same hassle-free experience of just two appointments and saves you precious chair time.

How does Dentuvo increase value?

The impact on your practice by adopting Dentuvo and digital methods is extremely positive. Reducing chair time allows you to improve profit per case as well as increase your patient numbers as accessibility grows.

Dentuvo Platinum Life

Why not consider offering Dentuvo Platinum on a subscription, providing your patients with a fresh set of Dentuvo dentures annually? By enrolling them in your practice’s payment or subscription system, we can then fulfill the orders each year, using their original scan or a re-scan or impression. This means your patients can regularly enjoy a brand-new set of dentures of the same exceptional quality they experienced initially, ensuring ongoing comfort and satisfaction with their dental care.


Dentuvo Platinum Go

We recommend you encourage patients to order an extra set of Dentuvo Platinum at their first appointment. Also, Dentuvo Go can be ordered at any time, so if a patient wants an extra set of dentures to take on holiday or for a special occasion, we can produce the exact same top quality product quickly.

Where can I get Dentuvo Platinum from?

Find out more today by contacting our team.


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