ALS Sponsorships

We talked to some of the employees about their courses and here, in their own words, is what they had to say:

Vicky Hammond from CBC

“Becoming a qualified Dental Technician felt like the obvious next step for my progression.  The course will expand my knowledge in all areas within the lab, I’m particularly interested in becoming a ceramist and implant restorations.  The ALS Leadership have been very supportive and actively encouraged me to ‘go for it’!  My Colleagues at CBC have offered their guidance and are already setting me new challenges in preparation for September!”

Ian Bracher from our Halo Laboratory

“Although I have always been aware of the dental technology course I didn’t realize how accessible it could be until ALS put the webinar together with a representative of Cardiff University. Gaining a validated qualification means I will be a fully qualified and registered Dental Technician. I feel that without the assistance that ALS is offering and the constant support that is available, I wouldn’t have reached out to do the course. So, with ALS’s support, I know I’ll achieve the results that I’ll need to progress. I am looking forward to developing my knowledge of dental technology and pushing myself to become a better version of myself. I would encourage any ALS employee to either contact their or ALS’s management team regarding personal development and growth within the ALS team to find out the opportunities.”

Charson Cruz Troncoso Romero from Halo Laboratory

“When it was mentioned we had an opportunity to become qualified Dental Technician and I jumped at the chance. The course is going to be a huge benefit to me as it will help me develop a much deeper understanding of my job. Additionally, it will aid with career progression within the ALS group. I feel massively supported by ALS, the opportunity to gain a qualification has come because Halo has joined the ALS Group, who are investing in people like myself to advance our careers. I’m very excited about starting the course. I know it will be hard work, but the result will be, I’m a registered technician with a broad skill set, meaning I will be an asset to ALS.”