Teeth Retainers FAQs

What is a retainer?

Retainers are prescribed to patients who have gone through braces or aligner treatment to straighten their teeth. They can be made of plastic or metal and may be permanent or removable. You need to wear retainers so that your teeth remain in the new, aligned position you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Do I need to wear retainers?

Yes. Without retainers, your teeth will start moving back to their previous position, or an entirely new one. Following your dentist’s advice and wearing retainers ensures that the hard work and money that has been invested in straightening your teeth won’t go to waste. 

What sets RISIO apart from other retainers?

RISIO is specifically engineered to provide the patient with effective, comfortable and easy maintenance for their newly straightened teeth. Not only are they durable and easy to wear, but their transparent plastic means that they’re virtually invisible. 

The RISIO technology is also stain and break resistant, meaning they’re stronger and last longer than other solutions on the market.

How do I take care of my RISIO retainers?

Make sure you’re cleaning your retainer after every use to remove bacteria and calcium deposits. This can be done using a soft bristled toothbrush and water. You should also regularly leave your retainer in a special dental soak specially designed for dentures and retainers.  

If you are properly cleaning your retainer and it has an odour, it might need to be professionally cleaned by your dentist.  

It’s also very important that you keep on top of any repairs your retainer needs. If you leave it, not only will your retainer be less effective but you could cause more serious and lasting damage to your solution. Make an appointment with your dentist immediately so they can repair it.

Do I have to wear my retainer at night?

Yes. Most dentists will recommend that you wear your retainer every night, although they will provide you with personalised advice in your appointment. 

Can RISIO retainers move teeth or close gaps?

No. RISIO retainers are strictly a post-orthodontic device for teeth that have already been treated. They’re not designed to actively move teeth, and so can’t be used as a replacement for braces or aligner trays. 

Can a RISIO retainer be used to fix other issues?

A clear plastic aligner like RISIO could be used to fix other issues, such as bruxism or snoring/breathing issues. However, it’ll be down to your dentist to recommend treatment for you based on your particular circumstances. 

Are RISIO retainers uncomfortable?

Like most dental treatments, RISIO retainers might feel a little strange and tight at first. This is because they’re holding your teeth in place. However, once you’re used to them, your retainers will be extremely comfortable, easy to wear and barely noticeable. 

How long do I need to wear my RISIO retainer?

Everyone is an individual, and your treatment plan will differ depending on your particular circumstances. Your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions as to when to wear your retainer and how long for. 

Do I need to wear my retainer forever?

In order to maintain results achieved by teeth straightening, you will have to keep up maintenance for the rest of your life. However, as time goes by, you’ll be required to wear it less; sometimes just a few times a week. 

Do I need to remove my RISIO retainer while I brush my teeth?

Yes. Your RISIO retainer needs to be cleaned separately from your teeth. 

Can my retainers be adjusted?

Yes. If you think something is wrong, contact your dentist and they’ll be able to arrange adjustments. 

I’m a dental professional - why should I choose to use RISIO?

RISIO is one of the few retainer solutions built with dental professionals in mind.   

As some retainer brands and even fixed retainers are prone to breaking, RISIO is designed to be more durable and require less maintenance. RISIO is a long-term solution that provides permanent results with minimal dentist intervention, ensuring patients do not need to undergo further treatment.   

Furthermore, there’s no need for patients to book in for disruptive tightening; RISIO fits snugly to the teeth and stays that way. Their convenience and durability leads to great results, which results in optimum patient satisfaction; sure to improve case outcomes and clinical performance. 

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