Do you have a passion for design and technology and want to work in an industry that makes a difference to peoples daily lives?

Become a GDC Registered Dental Technician with an apprenticeship at the UK’s largest Dental Laboratory Group.

  • The dental industry is undergoing a rapid technological transformation and there has never been a more exciting time to enter the Dental Technology profession.
  • At ALS Dental we aim to lead this change and be at the forefront of innovation and technology.
  • With an apprenticeship at ALS Dental we will support you every step of the way with mentorship and support from the UK’s largest network of Dental Laboratories.
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Why Choose an apprenticeship at ALS Dental?

Hear what people are saying

Although I have always been aware of the dental technology course I didn’t realise how accessible it could be until ALS Academy put the webinar together with Cardiff University. Gaining a validated qualification means I will be a fully qualified and registered Dental Technician. I feel that without the assistance that ALS is offering and the constant support that is available, I wouldn’t have reached out to do the course.

Ian Bracher – Halo Dental Laboratory

ALS Student Scholarship – Cardiff Metropolitan University 2023

Becoming a qualified Dental Technician felt like the obvious next step for my progression.  I’m particularly interested in becoming a ceramist and implant restorations. The ALS Leadership have been very supportive and actively encouraged me to ‘go for it’!

Vicky Hammond – CBC Dental Laboratory

ALS Student Scholarship – Cardiff Metropolitan University 2023