Ceroplast, founded in 1965 by Alan George, is a dental lab specializing in various dental products, all of which traditionally involved wax modeling. Starting as a denture lab, it expanded to include gold and porcelain work. With Andy’s addition, they introduced orthodontics, chrome, and implant work.

Today, they embrace digital technology for various services, outsourcing only implant beams and individual abutments. The lab offers a wide range of dental products, from night guards to complex appliances.

One notable specialty is crafting CR appliances, taught by occlusion specialist Dr. Roy Higson, who also provided lectures. This expertise extends to equilibrating natural dentition. Ceroplast currently employs 21 people, with more on the way.

Since joining ALS further investment in the laboratory has brought innovation to digital dentures and the orthodontics.

  • 0191 823 7990
  • Registered office address: 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT