Veus Dental Labs was opened in 2013 by Dentist Manmit (Manny) Matharu with one technician and one receptionist, offering small scale NHS Denture Services to local practices.

2014 saw a big expansion for Veus Dental Lab, primarily with the introduction of international manufacturing. This enabled the company to expand and begin offering fixed restorative services to a wider range of practices.  This was followed by the introduction of their on-site clear orthodontic service – PerfectSmileAligner. PerfectSmileAligner enabled Veus Dental Labs to become one of the first laboratories in the UK to invest in localized 3D scanning and one of the earliest adaptors of digital scanning technologies and orthodontic planning – paving the way for the digital focus of the company.

In 2016 the laboratory moved to its current location in Crossways Business Park, Dartford. With two floors and plenty of room to grow, Veus continued to promote its services and expand, acquiring on-site 3D printing capabilities and more staff to meet the demand; with a strong focus on customer service and going the extra mile.

With Veus and PerfectSmileAligner well established, in 2019 Veus diversified once more and introduced their implant placement stents – SurgiStent and began a focus on implant dentistry. Having set up on-site production and digital planning facilities, the company continued to build this department by guest speaking at a variety of implant courses, cultivating relationships within this field and helping clinicians gain an insight into the laboratory processes.

Looking to the future, Veus is keen to move towards a more digital workflow in all departments, as well as continue to bridge the gap between the clinicians and the laboratory with increased efficiency, speed and training opportunities.

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