RISIO Teeth Whitening Kits

Achieve the shade of choice with a RISIO teeth whitening kit

If you’re looking to achieve fantastic whitening results for your patients, look no further than ALS Dental’s new RISIO teeth whitening kits.

As dental professionals we understand that your primary aim is to achieve outstanding results while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for your patients. At ALS, we share this vision with you and will work alongside you to meet the needs of your patients.

We put your patient at the centre when developing our products and we strive to make their dream smiles a reality. Whether they’re looking for drastic results or speedy completion of the whitening process, we cater our treatments to their needs.

Why choose RISIO teeth whitening kits?

Teeth whitening kits have been gaining in popularity in recent years and many patients are visiting dental clinics looking for more than just a whitening toothpaste or a home whitening kit. Home tooth whitening kits are in demand and it’s common to hear patients inquire about the best teeth whitening gel or system when visiting their dental surgery.

As a result of carefully considering all factors involved in good whitening practice we have developed RISIO, a PH Neutral and comfortable whitening system with no preservatives or stabilisers.

RISIO teeth whitening kits are engineered to provide stunning results quickly and easily, even for patients with sensitive teeth. We aim to help you deliver high-quality treatment results while still prioritising the safety and comfort of your patients.

At ALS Dental we work with you to customise your solutions. We can provide a bespoke whitening treatment that matches perfectly with the demand in your clinic. RISIO’s B1 shade guaranteed whitening system is designed to reduce tooth sensitivity during treatment and increase aesthetic appearance.

We supply unlimited whitening gel until your patient achieves our guaranteed shade. This allows the patient more autonomy and flexibility when getting their teeth whitened, leading to better overall customer satisfaction.

Additionally, within our teeth whitening kits we provide a desensitising pen that patients can apply before treatment, which will further reduce sensitivity.

How do our whitening gels work?

We use the “deep bleaching” method where we use a safe combination of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in our whitening products.

The hydrogen peroxide first prepares the tooth for bleaching by revitalising the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen before applying the carbamide peroxide.

The carbamide peroxide then breaks down into hydrogen peroxide, urea and ammonia. The longer wear time enables the ingredient to penetrate the tooth microstructure deeper than that of hydrogen peroxide only, producing better, longer-lasting results.

It has been shown that combination whitening is more effective over time than individual whitening used for one hour at a time.

Custom-made mouth trays

At your patient’s first appointment you will need to take a scan or make an impression before sending this into our laboratory. Here, we will make the most comfortable and efficient whitening trays specifically for your patient.

These trays have small nodules on each tooth shape into which the patient squeezes the gel. This ensures the right amount of gel is administered and is correctly applied to the tooth.

Our custom made mouth trays make whitening treatment simple, convenient and highly-effective. Give your patients the shade of white that they desire by utilising the advanced whitening treatment provided by RISIO. With RISIO dazzling white smiles are just 14 days away.

Our luxury whitening kit includes

Where can I get RISIO from?

RISIO is available from all ALS Group Laboratories. Find out more today by contacting our team.

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