RISIO Retainers

Maintain results with our state of the art RISIO removable retainer

We are proud to have trademarked RISIO, our new advanced teeth retainers engineered to maintain alignment after orthodontic teeth straightening treatment is complete.

The name RISIO is a Latin word meaning smile and laughter. The aim of our new retainer product is to ensure your patients continue to laugh and smile, with the confidence that their new smile will be maintained.

ALS Dental is the leading supplier of orthodontic appliances in the UK. We have invested heavily in dental machinery and currently operates the largest 3D printer in the UK. Our team has over 20 years of experience in making fantastic orthodontic solutions, producing over 15,000 retainers each month. We have an automated trimming system for superior aligners and retainers which can trim hundreds of retainers and trays in minutes.

RISIO uses the best performing dental materials available on the market and as a result our removable teeth retainers are virtually invisible. With our post-orthodontic treatment, your patients will be able to maintain perfectly straight teeth with maximum comfort and minimum hassle.

When ordering RISIO retainers for your clients, dentists will have peace of mind that they are getting the very best teeth retention product on the market.

What are RISIO retainers?

RISIO is a cutting edge post-orthodontic treatment designed to provide the most effective and efficient maintenance while causing minimal disruption to daily life.

We understand that your patients have likely already undergone lengthy and time-consuming teeth straightening treatment. Therefore, we aim to provide the most fuss-free way to maintain their fantastic results.

Unlike a fixed retainer, teeth retainers from RISIO can be removed from the patient’s mouth for added comfort and convenience to fit into their busy schedules. They’re clear, durable and custom-built to cater to the patient’s specific requirements.

What are the benefits of RISIO retainers?

Why choose RISIO retainers?

Made with the most durable dental materials available reducing breakage risk

Improves case outcomes and clinical performance

Comes in premium, environmentally friendly packaging

Increases patient comfort

Luxury packaging

In addition to RISIO excellent product credentials we have designed the packaging to give patients the feel of a premium experience.  When they take home RISIO in its beautifully designed bag and box they will feel they are experiencing something special.

The retainer case which holds the teeth retainers when not in use, will look aesthetically pleasing on a dressing table, bedside table or in public. This is a real step above standard retainer packaging and cases.

Give your patients the elegant look, increased comfort and greater convenience that they deserve with bespoke teeth retainers from RISIO.

Where can I get RISIO from?

RISIO is available from all ALS Group Laboratories. Find out more today by contacting our team.

T: 0191 823 7990