Bringing Together ALS Employees to Discuss the Future of Dental Health Solutions

ALS Group recently hosted the first ONE ALS internal conference in Leeds. Over 50 employees from around the country attended the conference for a full agenda of presentations and to discuss the company’s future plans.

“Stronger Together,” the conference’s theme, reflects the ALS Group’s commitment to working collaboratively to create life-enriching dental health solutions. Attendees learned about the company’s history, from its beginnings to its current position as a leading innovator in the dental industry. Attendees were also able to learn more about the ALS Group’s mission, vision and values at the conference.

The ALS Group’s vision is to become the UK’s leading, most innovative, and technologically advanced dental manufacturing group. To achieve this vision, the company’s mission is to transform the industry through the integration of progressive businesses, advanced technologies, and skilled people. These core values are embedded in everything the ALS Group does, from its products to its customer service.

ALS Academy: A New Resource for Employee Training and Development

The ALS Academy which will provide training and development opportunities for the company’s employees was officially launched at the conference. The ALS Academy is a reflection of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and investing in its people.

Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in an insights discovery session, which helped them better understand themselves, their colleagues and work together as a team. This session highlighted the importance of collaboration and communication in achieving the company’s goals.

Breakout Sessions: Providing Opportunities for In-Depth Conversations and Networking

The conference also showcased the ALS Group’s latest products, including RISIO clear aligners, KIORI Crown and Digital Dentures. The company’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement was evident in these products, which are designed to provide patients with the best possible dental health solutions.

The conference featured several breakout rooms, where attendees could discuss specific topics in more detail. These sessions allowed for more in-depth conversations and networking opportunities.

In conclusion, the ALS Group’s first conference was a success, highlighting the company’s commitment to collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

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