ALS are delighted to announce that Romak Denture Centre has joined the group

Romak co-directors Rhodri Rowlands and Eoin Maclean are celebrating twenty years of successful trading for their dental laboratory in Swansea. Both directors served 5 year apprenticeships followed by B Techs in Science and Dental Technology before going on to start the company. They now employ a team of fourteen qualified laboratory and support staff.

Their modern dental laboratory offers a wide range of aesthetic technical solutions to dental practices nationwide, from dental prosthetics to dental implants. They have built up an impressive client list of over 200 dentists and made or repaired over 200,000 dentures.

They are committed to excellence and their skilled team of experienced dental technicians undergo on-going training to ensure they provide high end aesthetics in line with patient expectations.

To further their own training, Rhodri and Eoin attended an intensive training programme at the Valplast Training Laboratory in New York to master essential techniques. Romak are now listed as a certified Valplast laboratory.

Romak made the local news when they featured in The Bay Magazine, a Swansea lifestyle magazine, where the co-directors were lauded as young entrepreneurs. In the article, they put down their success to an ongoing programme of investment in equipment and facilities to maintain a technological edge.

Achieving DAMAS accreditation was an important milestone in their quest for growth and recently they invested in 3-D printing technology as an innovation in their manufacturing capabilities.

Eoin Maclean says “We are incredibly excited to have joined such a fast-growing group which is focused on innovation and technology for the dental industry. Another important factor for us is the importance the group places on people, seeking to upskill and enhance the wellbeing all employees across the business.”

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