Dr Banerjee explains the benefits of Dentuvo Digital Dentures

Dr Prasanta K. Banerjee has been using our Dentuvo Digital Dentures since launch last year, in this interview he explains how Dentuvo has helped with his clinic’s workflow.

Dr Banerjee is a pioneering dental practitioner in the UK. For over 20 years. His expertise at identifying problems and deviations before they affect the overall health of patients, frequently sees him going beyond the expectations of mainstream Dentistry. He is passionate about formulating advanced strategies for management and prevention.  

A significant addition to Dr. Banerjee’s practice has been Dentuvo, the innovative denture product developed by the ALS Group, which leverages digital technology. By integrating Dentuvo into his clinic in Milton Keynes, Dr. Banerjee has streamlined workflows for his patients, nurses, and clinicians.

In the interview, Dr. Banerjee emphasized the efficiency brought about by the digital workflow facilitated by Dentuvo. Also, he highlights how the use of Dentuvo has led to reduced visit times for patients, enhancing overall convenience and satisfaction.

Dr. Banerjee also commends the ALS team for their support, noting that their assistance has made the transition to digital dentures seamless and hassle-free for his practice.

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