George Morgan

Laboratory Director, Passion

George (Geo) Morgan RDT trained as a technician at MBC Birmingham qualifying in 2000.He chose for his final year case study, composite bonding to metal frameworks, an area that was still in its infancy but now is seen as a recommended procedure due to his work with Yamakin TWiNY composite and titanium sub frames.George attended his first Implant course in 2002 and hasn’t looked back since. Having learned the old school methods of precision casting and aesthetic ceramic layering, he saw the future of implants was changing.In 2008 he became a beta tester for Straumann’s new cad/cam system and helped them to push the limits and capabilities of their system. The advent of direct to fixture cad/cam designed abutments was the game changer he needed.In 2014 George and Jana set up a dental lab from home with Jana coming up with the name ‘Passion’ as she said it described everything George felt about dentistry. Within a few months extra space was need and it relocated to the Red House Glass Cone, a UNESCO world heritage site for the glass industry near Stourbridge in the West Midlands.With a beautiful canalside location and 250 year old building, it became an inspirational space to create beautiful high end private restorations.In 2015 George was handed, by mistake, a sample of composite material by a Japanese supplier looking to get into the UK market. After realising how good this actually was he helped launch the product in the UK and very soon TWiNY became a leading brand. George has had the pleasure of demonstrating and lecturing on this product from as far as Japan, Germany Greece and of course the UK, educating over 250 technicians and dentists.George lives with his wife Jana and his 3 children as well as a dog, cats, rabbit, goats and  chickens. George and his wife Jana love nothing more than connecting with nature and especially  gardening.